Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Blog: OF COURSE it would be a disaster!

Still riding the high from a successful baby shower, one that included gobs of praise and encouragement of my mad skills (shout out to Napoleon Dynamite), I finally decided today would be THE day.

And by 'THE day' I mean the day I start blogging. Obviously. 

The past few months have been filled with success after success of crafting, baking and party throwing shenanigans. I pride myself on continuously spending far too much time thinking about small details that nobody else probably even notices. Yes, I know it's unnecessary. Yes, I will continue to do it.

Today is my brother's birthday. I have three brothers, all of which are older than me. Yes, that's right, I'm the baby girl. And as such, it is only natural that I look up to them (thankfully I grew out of the stage where I wanted to BE them in middle school). So needless to say, this special day calls for many moments, minutes, hours, of the aforementioned contemplation process of 'what and how' I will do for his birthday dessert. Now if you read the 'About Me' portion of my blog, you know that my Grandma is an insanely amazing cook/baker. She is also going to be attending the b-day bash, and will also be bringing dessert. Meaning I have to come up with something AMAZING just so that I can put it next to her dessert (forget trying to out-do her, it's not going to happen). What to do, what to do...

After contemplating what to make for far too long- I came up with two ideas. Chocolate whoopie pies with peanut butter filling, and pink lemonade cuppy-cakes (if baby talk bothers you, too bad, it makes me happy). 

Since my first attempt at whoopie pies turned out well, I decided I would make my own recipe this time around. And there my friends, lies the problem. Originally I planned on sharing my amazing recipe, for my amazing whoopie pies. Perfect for my first blog. 

I was so excited, had my camera ready for the close-up..but...but....but....

I made, the UGLIEST whoopie pies ever. EVER.
All of the powdered sugar was my attempt at hiding the hideousness of the pie. Clearly it didn't work.
Anyone want to make these? Yeah, didn't think so. 
Until we meet again, R.I.P. Whoopies. 

Thankfully, I made a quick recovery and used the rest of the batter for chocolate/peanut-butter cuppy-cakes. And they ARE amazing. 
Now that's more like it.
At last, I can still leave you with a tasty recipe.

Best peanut-butter frosting you've EVER had:
1 cup creamy (or crunchy would be fun to try) peanut butter
1 cup marshmellow creme
1 cup butter
2-4 cups powdered sugar
1-2 tbsp whipping cream 

Whip the PB, creme and butter, add the sugar and continue beating, then add the whipping cream until desired fluffiness. If it's too thin, add more sugar. If too thick, add more whipping cream. It should end up looking like this:
You can pipe it on your cuppy-cakes with a freezer zip-lock bag, just cut a hole in the end and fill it, and viola!

Hmmmmpphhh, now I need to attempt these pink lemonade cuppies...I don't know if my ego can handle two disasters in one day, so these babies BETTER be legit. 


  1. Love it Trisha! Totally gonna keep reading your blogs! :) For sure gonna try your peanutbutter frosting! Yumm.
    Keep postin, and Ill keep readin! ;)

  2. Are whoopy pies made with cake mix, just altered a little? My sister's mother in law made some and I about died they are so good!!

  3. So apparently I'm not very good at this blog thing, just realized I had comments :)

    Thanks Amber, very encouraging!

    Caitlin- totally to die for, right?! Yes, they are traditionally cake-like with a fluffy filling, although making them cookie-like is yummy too!